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At Viking, helping you to select the vacuum cleaner to meet your needs is our primary goal.  We have painstakingly looked at many different products through the years to determine, what we believe, is the best selection of quality vacuums available.  Our professional sales staff is happy to demonstrate different models of vacuums on different types of flooring to choose the one that serves you best in your home.  All of our vacuums are backed by manufacturers warranty, which we support by entrusting our trained, on site repair staff. 




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Miele Vacuums - (Immer Besser) Forever Better


German built and engineered Miele Vacuums deliver powerful performance, the most advanced filtration systems available and, of course, longevity that is Miele's worldwide staple.  Miele offers the worlds first HEPA certified canister cleaners and now, German made uprights. Miele's superior filtration makes it the best choice for Asthma and allergy sufferers.  Your Miele also comes with a 7 year warranty and unbeatable cleaning power. Home Care models offer a 10 year warranty.  

Miele ~ anything else is a compromise.

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene Oregon, Oreck Vacuums
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Oreck Vacuums


Our newest Vacuum line has always been known for its light weight and high performance.  Frequently used by professional cleaners, these vacuums take a load off your tired back.  Their light weight and portability make them a perfect vacuum to carry from room to room or for the person who is challenged by using a heavier vacuum.  Come to our showroom and see the many options in the Oreck line today.


Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners
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Panasonic Vacuums


Panasonic has been an innovator in the vacuum industry for more than 25 years.  They designed the original upright with a bi-pass motor system.   This system has been copied by a number of different manufacturers but none have enjoyed the trouble free service that comes with a Panasonic.  Whether for your home or small business, Panasonic will be a reliable cleaning partner.

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaners
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Lindhaus Vacuums


The italian built Lindhaus vacuums are well known for their long life and superior filtration.  They offer a unique brush roll design that cleans your carpet in a single pass.  The Lindhaus motors are designed to last up to 3 times longer than your average vacuum. 

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Floor Scrubbers

Koblenz Floor Scrubber/Polisher


Koblenz is a commercial floor cleaning products company.  Their combination scrubber/polisher is effective for cleaning carpets, tile and all variety of bare floors.  If you have the need for a floor scrubber/polisher, Koblenz is the right choice.

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Central Vacuum Systems

Beam Central Vacs by Electrolux


The name Beam has become synonymous with Central Vac Systems.  If you are looking for top of the line performance in a Central Vacuum for your home, Beam is your first choice.  With a variety of sizes and styles to fit your particular needs, Beam Central Vacs have you covered.

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Central Vacuum Systems

Dust Care Vacuums & Central Vac Systems


Dust Care is a private label distributed throughout the U.S., offering a wide variety of vacuum products from a variety of manufacturers.  They are particularly well known for their central vacuum systems that offer an alternative to carrying a vacuum from room to room and instead, being able to plug your hose into outlets stationed throughout your home.  In doing this, dust and dirt vacuumed from the home is directed to the central vac system that is mounted, typically in garage or basement.  Any home can be refitted to accomodate a central vac system.  

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Commercial Vacuums

Sanitaire Commercial Vacuums


Sanitaire has been the trusted name in commercial vacuums for many many decades.  We carry the full line of these dependable, hard working commercial vacuums.  Known for their reliability and long service, Sanitaire has been a favorite in commercial establishments for good reason. 



Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene Oregon Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
Vacuum Accessories at Viking

Viking Sewing, Vacuum, Spa & Stove also offers a wide variety of vacuum cleaners at affordable prices to fit any lifestyle.  We always have a large selection of reconditioned, pre-owned vacuums available at great low prices.


We also stock bags, belts, and vacuum accessories, and if we don't have it in stock for you, we will order it!


Viking Sewing, Vacuum, Spa & Stove; Superior products and service for your home.





Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Vacuum Cleaner Service & Repair
Full Service Vacuum Repair

Viking offers repair of all makes of vacuum cleaners.  We offer free estimates before repair.  We also provide warranty repairs on all vacuums that we sell.  In order to best serve our customers, we have available, a wide variety of hard to find bags and belts as well as parts of all types.  If we don't stock it, we can order it for you.