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At Viking, we offer a wide selection of wood, pellet, gas and electric stoves and fireplaces to meet your needs.  Fireplaces are available as inserts or zero clearance.  We are constantly adding new products so if you don't see what you are looking for in the brief descriptions shown below, call or email us an inquiry.  Even better, feel free to stop by our showroom for a demonstration of our stoves. Please see additional product listings at the bottom of this page.

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Pellet Stoves
Wood Pellets Burning
Understanding Today's Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are a different and unique type of wood burning stove.  The fuel burned in pellet stoves is made of compressed wood products in a size and shape that is uniform and accommodates all pellet stoves.   Pellet stoves are not able to burn wood other than pre-made pellets.  The benefits of a pellet stove are it's ability to be adjusted to your needs as far as heat output, temperature settings and times that you would like the stove in use.  Pellet stoves do require a power source and use electricity similar to the output of  a 100 watt light bulb, or less.  The efficiency of heating is quite high on pellet stoves, 75-85% is common.  Typically, a pellet stove will be more expensive than a wood stove but the venting of a pellet stove will cost considerably less.   By venting, we are referring to the pipes that are needed to carry the combustion smoke and gases away from the home.  A good quality pellet stove can provide a wonderful source of wood heat for many, many years of comfort in your family home. 





Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Wood Stoves
Wood Stove Efficiency
Understanding Today's Wood Stoves

Today's wood stoves and wood stoves of the past vary greatly in their design and efficiency.  Wood stoves built prior to 1986, typically had between 30 and 50% heating efficiency and belched out between 40 and 60 grams, per hour, of particulate.  Today's clean burning wood stoves heat at 75-85% efficiency and emit 7 grams of particulate per hour or less.   The difference in the amount of heat that you get in your home from the wood you burn is dramatic.  Today's stoves require a much smaller space in your home while maximizing the heat output.  The amount of wood that a person will burn today compared to stoves of the past will be half, resulting in the same amount of heat.  Possibly the most important characteristic of today's clean burning wood stoves is that they are carbon neutral.  This means that these stoves, burning wood, emit the same amount of carbon as the wood would produce rotting in the forest.  In summary, burning a wood stove today is a clean, efficient and environmentally conscious choice.

KUMA Ashwood with pedestal and sunburst door
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove, Kuma Wood Stoves
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Wood Stoves & Inserts

Kuma wood stoves are a family owned and operated company out of Idaho.  They manufacture a small line of excellent quality wood stoves and inserts.  Heavy steel stoves in a variety of sizes to fit your home heating needs.  Different models are available with a variety of trim, as well as legs or pedestals with ash pan options.  The Kuma company is very customer oriented, making certain that each product that leaves the plant is in perfect order.   When you install a KUMA stove in your home, you can look forward to a warm, comfortable winter.


From Unforgettable Fire...The Kimberly & Katydid Wood Stoves! 

Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR
Kimberly (L) and Katydid (R)


Wood Stoves



For On-Grid or Off-Grid Living...

~ Tiny footprint to heat your home, cabin, shop, boat, RV, yurt or tiny house.
~ Heats up to 1500 square feet of well insulated space.
~ Cook stove top.
~ Portable, weighing just 56 pounds.

Ultra Efficient...

~ Just 3.2 grams/hour particulate emissions.
~ EPA Certified** and UL-Listed.
~ Burns up to 8 hours on a single load of fuel for a good night's sleep!

Quality Engineering...
~ Manufactured in Oregon from American made stainless steel.
~ Precision laser cut parts, designed to last a lifetime!
~ Five year (non-prorated) warranty.   The best in the industry!

Optional Accessories (Coming Soon!). . .
~ Thermo-electric generator, baking oven, blower fan, and hot water coils, for emergency preparedness and off-grid living.  
As your Independent Dealer of the Kimberly & Katydid Stoves, we invite you to stop in and experience these amazing, innovative stoves for yourself.

Kimberly Stove now available in original stainless steel and stainless steel with a black powder coat.  

MORSO 7943 wood stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene Oregon MORSO Monica 7644
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Wood Stoves, Inserts & Wall Mounted Wood Stoves

MORSO Stoves of Denmark are quality manufacturers of cast iron wood stoves and fireplace inserts.  Morso is the oldest wood stove manufacturer in the world, having passed 160 years of continuous operation in Denmark.  Morso stoves are available in contemporary styles as well as classic styles.  The Monica shown here, is an example of beautiful, modern, contemporary design. The high efficiency and top quality production of Morso stoves sets them apart from the competition.  While most wood stoves operate in the mid 60 to mid 70 percentage heating efficiencies, many Morso wood stoves exceed 80 percent efficiency.  In addition, Morso uses recycled materials for 98 percent of the cast iron used in manufacturing the stoves.  Morso also uses renewable energy resources to operate their plant in Denmark.  These factors add to Morso having the greenest production of wood stoves in the world.  When you choose a Morso stove, you are selecting one of the finest wood stove products in the world today.

Buck 21 wood stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Buck 21 wood stove
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Wood Stoves & Inserts

Buck Stove Corporation from North Carolina has built a hard working, plate steel, wood burning stove line for more than 30 years.  Buck stoves are known for their heavy duty construction and reliability at a fair price.  You can choose a variety of beautiful trim options to match your decor.  If you are looking for a tough, long lasting and reliable wood stove for your home, Buck stoves offer unmatched American quality!

PIAZZETTA Monia pellet stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Piazzetta Monia Pellet Stove
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Gas & Pellet Stoves
The Piazzetta Stoves are extremely popular throughout Europe and have just recently made their way into the U.S. market. These Italian made pellet stoves are sleek, beautiful and highly efficient.   You can customize your heating space by selecting ceramic tile or steel sides in a variety of colors.  Taking less floor space than most conventional stoves, these stoves will provide one of the highest levels of efficiency today; heating a large room or in many cases, most of your home. 

PACIFIC ENERGY  Summit Wood Stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Wood Stoves
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Wood, Gas & Pellet
Stoves, Fireplaces & Inserts
Pacific Energy is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality heating appliances.  They offer a very wide variety of styles and sizes of wood, gas & pellet stoves; as well as fireplaces and inserts.  Pacific Energy has styles to enhance everything from classic, traditional homes to the latest contemporary, cutting edge designs.  We are pleased to offer these fine quality products from a company long admired in the stove industry.  We are confident that there is a Pacific Energy stove to fit your lifestyle and budget.  

OSBURN 2200 wood stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Osburn 2200 wood stove
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Wood & Pellet Stoves & Inserts

Osburn stoves are a division of Stove Builders, Inc., of Quebec, Canada.  These heavy duty, steel plate stoves combine functional quality with a warm, comfortable design.  Osburn offers a wide selection of both free-standing stoves as well as fireplace inserts.  Osburn manufactures the only true bay front doors in the wood stove industry.   This feature gives a beautiful multi-angle view of the fire as well as easier access for putting in fuel.  Quality designs and function make Osburn stoves a pleasure to come home to.

RAVELLI RC80 Pellet Stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene Oregon
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Pellet Stoves
Our newest line of pellet stoves are the Ravelli.  These fine, Italian made pellet stoves offer exceptional performance, high efficiency, great heat and a very fair pricing structure. The Ravelli stoves are designed in a vertical fashion that makes for a small footprint and easy access to your stove.  With many convenient features such as built in thermostat, remote control function and automatic setting, these stoves will be a pleasure for your family to own.

BRECKWELL Tahoe Pellet Stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene Oregon
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Pellet Stoves & Inserts
Breckwell pellet burning stoves are made in America. Breckwell stoves have a longstanding tradition of dependability and value. They offer a nice selection of styles and sizes to suit your families heating needs.  Whether you are looking for a free-standing stove or a fireplace insert, Breckwell has what you need!  

WITTUS Shaker wood stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Wittus Shaker wood stove
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Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves & Inserts

Wittus Fire by Design is a manufacturer and importer of quality heating products.  They offer unique contemporary styles from various European manufacturers in wood, pellet and gas varieties.  Wittus products originate in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the United States, to name a few.  Wittus products are marked by exceptional quality and craftsmanship throughout.

VERMONT BUN BAKER wood stove encased in soap stone
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Vermont Bun Baker wood stove encased in soap stone
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Wood Stoves

The Vermont Bun Baker is a product of Pecan Engineering of Australia.  This unique wood burning stove offers a full oven, stove top cooking, broiling and optional water heating system.  The Vermont Bun Baker is the most compact heating, cooking and baking wood stove in the industry.  With the Vermont Bun Baker, you are ready for anything.  Like to be off the grid?   The Vermont Bun Baker will help to achieve it.   See this stove exclusively in our showroom!!

THELIN Parlour wood stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Thelin Parlour wood stove
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Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves & Inserts

Thelin hearth products, in Sacramento California, manufactures their entire line of stove products.  They produce primarily pellet burning stoves and inserts ,as well as several gas stoves and one wood burning stove.  Thelin's unique styling and built in battery back up system on their pellet stoves, sets them apart from their competitors.  Innovative technology and beautiful designs make Thelin products a very desirable product for any home.  In 2011, Thelin introduced the Providence Pellet Insert and won the top awards with it at this years stove conference

RAIS Malta wood stove
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Rais Malta wood stove
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Wood & Gas Stoves & Inserts

Rais stoves of Denmark carry on a long standing tradition of Danish wood stove manufacturing.  Contemporary designs and environmentally friendly, Rais offers a beautiful line of European stoves.  The many unique designs of the Rais line of wood and gas stoves will add a touch of class to any home decor.  Bring "the art of fire" into your home with a Rais!

MAJESTIC cast iron gas stove in porcelain enamel
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Majestic Cast iron gas stove
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Wood & Gas Stoves & Inserts

Monessen is a Canadian stove company producing both gas and wood stoves and fireplaces.  They offer a wide range of styles and zero clearance units for both new construction and remodel.  Top quality Monessen offers an exceptional product to price ratio.

Solas Forty6 Wall Hung gas fireplace
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Solas Forty6 Gas Wall Hung Unit
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Gas Wall Mounted 

Solas is a New Hampshire company producing contemporary gas heating appliances.  Their specialties are these beautiful wall mounted gas units available in various sizes and a multitude of trim options.  These wall mounted gas units can be added to your home with very little alteration to the wall itself.  If you want to add elegant ambiance and practical heating to your home, Solas may be your answer.

AMANTII Electric Fire & Ice Series
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene Oregon Amantii Electric Fireplaces
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Electric Fireplaces
Wall Mounted, Inserts & Zero Clearance

Amantii is a cutting edge manufacturer of electric fireplaces, wall hung units and zero clearance units. Their innovative designs will add the WOW factor to any space.   With a huge selection of colors and textures, as well as a variety of media in the fire itself, the possibilities for ambiance and decor are endless.  If you are looking for a high end contemporary style fireplace, Amantii may well be your best choice.   

DIMPLEX Electric Fireplace
Viking Sewing Vacuum Spa & Stove Eugene OR Dimplex Electric Fireplace
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Electric Stoves & Fireplaces

Dimplex offers a wide variety of high quality, free standing stoves, fireplace inserts, wall hung units and full fireplaces as pictured, all electric.  The Dimplex units create ambiance while providing heat or you can see the flames without heating your space.  We carry the full line of Dimplex products. 


In addition to those shown above, here are other product lines we have available to you. 

  • Montigo  ~  gas wall units
  • Heatilator  ~  wood and gas stoves
  • Napoleon  ~  wood and gas stoves
  • Heat & Glo  ~  wood and gas stoves
  • Hearth Classics  ~  hearth pads and wall protection